Hi, I’m Ryan Cannon.

I’m a father, triathlete and unabashed nerd living in Los Angeles, California. I make internet things for Riot Games.

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Latest post: Spectrum Reads Book List

May 23, 2020

Spectrum Reads is a readathon of books with LGBTQ+ representation in honor of Pride Month. This is my To Be Read list. To be honest, is more of a To Be Listened list because the only way I can get through a book without falling asleep after a page or two is with audio. Happy Pride!

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CCC-YLRA01-02: Uneasy Lies the Head (2017)
by Ryan Cannon

Refugees from Mulmaster have flooded the rough-and-tumble town of Ylraphon. Poverty, shortages, overcrowding, and an unnatural heatwave have tempers running high. When a series of mysterious crimes erupt, the people are desperate for someone to blame. Can you find the connection and the culprit, or will the angry mob deal its own form of justice?

A 4-hour D&D Adventurers League adventure for 5th – 10th level characters (optimized for 8th-level).

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