I have built my professional career on knowledge gained through self-study and other non-standard methods of education: to learn HTML and CSS by reading W3C specs, examining source code, and trial-and-error. I owe any success (and blame my failures) on those who have come before me. As such, I want to make my work as open as possible, and keep free and open code available on the Internet.

That said, being an egomaniacal prick I like to get credit for what I have a hand (albeit tacit) in creating, and would hate for anyone to be able to take credit for my own work after giving it only minor tweaks. As such, I offer all work on this site with the following license.

Code, Programs, Plugins, et cetera.

I offer all computer code under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license. This allows other developers to make use of the code, change it as necessary, and include it in commercial or non-commercial works, provided they

  1. Credit my work and, if applicable, those other from whom my work derived, and
  2. Offer their changes of the code under a sharealike license as well.

This license applies to all HTML microformats, Javascript widgets and plug-ins for various web applications, as well as compiled programs such as SWF movies. Should the source code for these programs not be readily available, please contact me.

Comments, Reviews, Web log posts and other words

Verbatim copies of all written works on this site except as described above have all rights reserved and may not be used on other sites without my written permission. This excludes fair use exceptions such as excerpting. If you publish an excerpt, summary or description of my written work, please publish a link to the work’s location in addition to any other attribution.

Images, PDFs, and other binary files

All images, artwork, and other binary files on this site have all rights reserved and may not be copied, altered, redistributed or sold without my explicit written permission. I sometimes make source files, available by request. Please contact me.

Usage and Hotlinking

This site does not publish any APIs or Web services for use by others. You may not directly reference binary resources (such as images) from this site on another site unless that resource explicitly states otherwise.

My hope is that explicitly stating these licenses will both encourage others to learn and improve their skills, while at the same time protect me from being abused by those wishing to make a buck off of my ideas.

Questions, comments and smart remarks are always welcome.