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Commitment: The iPhone revolutionizes more the just software

Published 20 July 2008

I searched long and hard for a smartphone worth the expense, and although I looked at the iPhone, I said the same thing many others did: no 3G, no GPS, no deal. Well, what do you know, the newest incarnation has both. I’m not authorized for a discount, by as soon as the lines die down, I’ll toss my AT&T Tilt. Not just because I’m a fanboy: Apple shows commitment.

Reading John Gruber’s description of the performance gains in the newest iPhone OS version, I realized how revolutionary that is in the industry. Most mobile phones have a pretty short life-cycle:

  1. The full-price phase with all the commercials
  2. The discount phase, to clear shelves for the next model
  3. Trash

HTC even faces a class action lawsuit over the Tilt and still refuses to update. In contrast, the iPhone OS has been updated seven times the first year it’s been out.

Not only is a customer buying the best mobile operating system on best-of-breed hardware, they’re also buying from a company that has integrated the product into the very heart of their business model.

You’re not just getting a warranty, you’re getting commitment. And that’s worth paying for.