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Ten Things I won't miss leaving SXSW

Published 11 March 2008

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had a great time here. But there are a few things I definitely won’t miss. I’ll follow up with a write up of the great parts, but until then these might be worth a chuckle.

  1. Buzzwords
    Vertically-integrated, CPM-increasing social network leveraging monetized startup marketing.
  2. 70% Calories from fat
    My kingdom for some oatmeal.
  3. Lines
    Nothing sells a $4 beer like 300 people queued at the open bar.
  4. Beards
    I’ve said it before. Stop scratching. Is it… is it moving? I don’t like sitting this close.
  5. The integrated social community application sales force
    Did you go to our panel?
  6. Standering room in front of a seated crowded
    It’s fine; don’t worry about it. Have you been working out?
  7. Sport coats over tee shirts
    Buisness card reads: VP of JavaScript…Cheeseburgers?
  8. Rawk
    I get it, you’re “creative.” Unless you have feathers, this is off limits.
  9. Shyness
    Introduction lines always sound better when rehearsed in my head.
  10. People introducing themselves as their-name-dot-com
    I’ll Google you if I’m interested.