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Fortified with Vitamin W

Published 04 March 2008

I’ve been experimenting with tumblelogging (aka microbloging, aka link logging) at my brand-spanking new bookmarks site, and it turns out I very much like it. I come across tons of fascinating reads/quotes/random thoughts, and this seems to be a great way to share them. I also like the idea of owning my information: while I love the interfaces of FaceboTwit.icio.kcr, I’m going to try and move my data into my own databases, and then find interesting ways of sharing it.

Yahoo! Pipes is great for doing mash-ups like this, and so I’ve taken the step of fortifying my Atom feed with Vitamin Webernet—infused with tumblelogs, Flickr photos, and del.icio.us links (deprecated). I had thought about adding my Twitter tweets as well, but the result was a bit obnoxious. If this seems like way too much Ryan for your tastes, switch to the RSS feed instead.