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New Year, New Addiction

Published 13 January 2008

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but the New Year has gotten off to a rocket start. Not that there’s anything important going on at work. We’re building a lot of very cool stuff we’re building. But there’s more to me than work.

In other news, my WordPress install was hacked, which proved to be a lovely thing to deal with over the holiday. Other than some flurried password-changing and support-ticket-issuing the only other negative response (which may not be related) is that my blog reactions have gone positively nutty. Of course this might be a general problem with their system if technorati’s entire support network is backed up. I think I’m ready to submit Rule 35: “If you build it, they will spam”.1

With Travian in its final throes—go WG—I’ve been dragged into another online addiction to sate me when this one ends. EVE Online is like a septuagenarian in Webernet terms, and I’m no fan of MMO games. One cool thing though is that the game as an in-game browser and decent data API. I’ve written a very quick EVE In-Game Browser Emulator that should help me and possibly others develop in-game tools.

I am increasingly fascinated by all the places you find a browser, and the very cool stuff that Web Standards are allowing these days (more on that later).

  1. Dammit. I thought I was the first to think of that. Oh well, I’m close.